Sea Salt Potato Chips

Sea Salt

Potato Chips

Adventure on the sea

Our original flavor and flagship crisp, salty and delicious.

Sour Cream Potato Chips

Sour Cream + Onion

Potato Chips

It’s diptastically delicious!

The perfect marriage of
smooth and oniony.

Barbeque Potato Chips


Potato Chips

Let’s get cookin’

The tangy hint of BBQ adds
a little spice to your life.

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato

Potato Chips

A real sweetheart

Made crisply with our
potato’s Southern cousin.

Sea Salt Mini Fries

Sea Salt

Mini Fries

Ready to discover more

Our original takes on
a fun new shape.

Cheesy Mini Fries


Mini Fries

The cheesy stands alone

Your new best friend
is really cheesy.

Pure Crisp Technology

Our proprietary Pure Crisp™ Technology, a multi-step cooking process, is designed to maximize flavor and crunch, eliminating DEEP FRYING which we all could use a break from.
We changed the game.

Snack more. Share more,
focus on the fun together.

Just go free!