We’ve developed new and revolutionary methods for cooking foods that support a wholesome way of life and are environmentally friendly and globally sustainable. We call these revolutionary cooking methods Pure Crisp™ Technology. It’s technology that produces tasty, wholesome foods that fit beautifully with today’s lifestyles.

Jamshid Ashourian,
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Go Free® and live your
best life everyday!

We’re on a
mission for good.
Of course, we’re passionate
about food and snacks,
but our mission runs deeper than that.
Our products are built on a belief
in making lives better and bringing
more joy to our neighbors.
Food is of course essential to that
conviction and a big piece of that vision.

A Cleaner Environment
& Reduced Food Waste

One tangible contribution to a better world
is our efforts to help create a cleaner
environment and reduce everyday
food waste within our own process.

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Simple Pleasures
& Big Dreams

Beyond the food we make,
we are committed to making lives better.
Our team is committed to a world
where health, nutrition, peace, prosperity,
and justice is a part of every life,
every day. Just because you make
a great chip, doesn’t mean you don’t have
time to think about the bigger picture and
how you can contribute to a brighter future.

Deep Frying is outdated.

Air frying is incomplete.

We believe that when you eat better, you feel better and when you feel better – you live a longer and happier life. That was our impetus for developing a new method of producing and cooking snacks. Yet, true innovation doesn’t happen overnight. 60 patents and a decade of R&D later, we perfected a process and a solution that changes the game with previously fried foods and snacks.

That solution is Pure Crisp™ Technology.

Pure Crisp Technology

Our Pure Crisp™ Technology

Our unique and proprietary Pure Crisp™ Technology produces a truly different product. This innovative multi-step process combines the benefits of water and air cooking to produce snacks that exceed previous expectations. By marrying what you love in fried products (only lighter and crispier) with the reduced calories and fat that are sometimes found in products that just don’t taste as good, we’ve revolutionized the whole snack aisle.

And there’s more to come.

For more information about our patents, please click here.

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About JimmyAsh

Go Free® is a product of JimmyAsh LLC.
At our dedicated production facility
and R&D center in Bakersfield, CA
we’re constantly striving to create
the next great flavor and expanding rapidly
into other categories where deep frying
just won’t cut it anymore.

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We’re Revolutionizing the Snack Aisle.

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